New Guidance for Recreational UAS Flying – What’s the Change?


Last summer the FAA changed the guidance for recreational use of unmanned aircraft systems.  The guidance which had been around since the 1980’s changed.  So the FAA upgraded their Model Aircraft Operating Standards from AC 91-57 to AC 91-57A.  Now there’s the latest version with Change 1. Why? There was a typographical error concerning the […]

FAA grants WINGS Program credit for online UAV safety course


Safety Training for UAV Flyers Planehook Aviation Services, LLC and Opango, Incorporated announced today that their online flying safety training specifically focused on UAV flyers has been granted WINGS Program credit by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.  Released last month, Aeronautical Decision Making for Small UAS Operators focuses on the unique aspects of flying aircraft […]

Purchasing and Negotiation Training

The Science and Art of Negotiating

We have cited the importance of online learning as an alternative to live instructor led training,  so when Tom Allen, Opango  CEO spoke to me about his plans for the future, I was intrigued.  In the words of its website, “Opango is training for the future, fueling interactive education… blazing the trail, offering a cloud-based […]

Are you new to eLearning?

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Are you new to eLearning? Are you hearing words and phrases that sound like a different language to you? Learning new industry terminology can sometimes be difficult, but don’t be overwhelmed. Here are 10 words you should be familiar with as you begin your journey into the world of eLearning!   mLearning: Mobile learning, or mLearning, is […]

CFIs Need to Educate Small UAV Flyers


There isn’t a day that goes by now without hearing about someone doing something with a small UAV that they shouldn’t.  From aerial drones loitering around major airports like New York’s  JFK to camera drones interfering with fire attack helicopters battling California’s wildfires, even quad-copters landing on the South Lawn of the White House, it […]